Mirror Ceiling Tiles

  • High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) made in Austria
  • 2´ x 2´ (1mm thick) tiles that fit a 15/16" grid
  • Can be cut with standard utility knife. Just score & snap
  • 4" x 4" samples available for FREE!
  • 2mm thickness available with minimum order of 1,100 sf.


Standard mirror ceiling tile – 1mm thick- $22.99 each (non fire rated)
2x2 Mirror ceiling tiles

PLEASE NOTE: Mirror Ceiling Tiles are made of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS).
We stock 1mm thick mirror ceiling tiles that have been designed to have any generic ceiling tile installed on top to provide rigidity. However, many of our customers find that mirror tiles are rigid enough without re-enforcement. The tiles can be cut with regular utility knife by scoring on the face side and snapping. Additionally we offer 2mm ceiling tiles that do not require additional tile on top, but have a minimum order of 1100 sf.

  • Mirror ceiling tiles
  • Mirror ceiling tiles
  • Mirror ceiling tiles
  • Mirror ceiling tile
  • Mirror ceiling tile
  • Mirror ceiling tile
Mirror Ceiling Tile Colors (Must be ordered in increments of 4.)
1mm thick – $35.99/tile, sold in pack of 4;
  • Anthracite Mirror Ceiling Tile Color


  • Skyblue Mirror Tile Color


  • Iceblue Mirror Tile Color


  • Galaxy Silver Mirror Ceiling Tile Color

    Galaxy Silver

  • Brown Mirror Ceiling Tile Color


  • Rose Mirror Ceiling Tile Color


  • Fashion Red Mirror Ceiling Tile Color

    Fashion Red

  • Fashion Grey Mirror Ceiling Tile Color

    Fashion Grey

  • Brass Mirror Ceiling Tile Color


  • Gold Mirror Ceiling Tile Color


  • Champagne Mirror Ceiling Tile Color


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