Suspended Ceilings

Our line of Suspended Ceilings will help you create distinctive interior look or features that have not been possible before. All suspended ceilings are covered by 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, Class A fire rated, designed to outlast other comparable solutions and known as the most efficient way to solve complicated design or feature objectives.

Benefits and categories of suspended ceilings:

  • Stretch Ceilings are used where high end quality of surface is required. The most significant advantage of it is the ability to create 3D shapes with ease. Additionally we offer suspended acoustical and luminous ceiling solutions.
  • Wavy Ceiling Panels available as modular panels or wall to wall ceiling. Available in over 100 colors and 6 finishes. Optionally can be luminous and/or acoustical.
  • Translucent Ceilings are used in projects where LED or Fluorescent lighting needs to be integrated above the ceilings. Distinctive feature is the perfect luminous look that you can achieve using this system. Optionally can be integrated with acoustical absorber.
  • Our Swimming Pool Ceilings provide unique solution for interiors with high humidity levels. The ceilings can be installed to create moisture barrier and will last way over it 12 year warranty period.
  • With Printed Ceilings you can create a unique feature or integrate favorite art into ceilings or walls. The prints can be applied over luminous, white or color ceilings.
  • Acoustic ceiling canopies are modular panels of various shapes designed to enhance acoustics of interior spaces. Available in over 100 colors and can even have integrated lighting.
  • Modular light boxes available in square, rectangular and round shapes. Designed to incorporate fluorescent or LED lighting. Our modular light boxes can be shipped directly to your job site and installed by any ceiling or electrical contractor.
  • Modular Light Panels available in square or rectangular shapes. Manufactures with LED spot lights and available in over 100 colors. The panels are shipped directly to the job site to be installed by local contractor.

If you need design assistance or samples of our Suspended Ceilings please contact our office.

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